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    Cooled by Arctic Air. Powered by Sun.

  • Linux Virtual Private Server
    Starting from $4.50/month

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Highly Secured Cloud = Your Peace Of Mind

Not just another Cloud service provider. We are Cloud Builder.


From $4.50/month
All Plans

Dedicated Server

From $80.00/month

Web Hosting

From $2.50/month
All Plans


From $130/month
All Plans

Cloud Can Be A Very Confusing Place

We are here with you every step of the way, to guide you, help you, teach you. You are never alone.

1-TO-1 Support

Having difficulties choosing the right product or service? We listen to your need in exhausting detail then provide a solution tailored to your needs only. End result, you pay for exactly what you need.


Whether you are a small VPS client or big company with complex infrastructure, if you are having difficulties or simply don't have enough time to setup, just let us know. We will do it for you at no cost.

I Want To Learn

Don't want any products or services? No problem. We are still more than willing to answer any of your question and quench all your curiosities of IT world. Learning is in the DNA of our company and sharing our knowledge is mission.

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Who Are We

Established in 2011, Symmcom is 100% Canadian fast growing company providing cloud services to hundreds of clients. Symmcom is currently headquartered in Calgary, AB.

Company's mission is to bring expansive big business technologies within reach of masses. We believe that a user should not be locked in with a vendor forever without freedom to custom make a solution specifically to their need. By leveraging virtual technology Symmcom provides easy to afford services while educating about Cloud. Symmcom operates own datacenters in several locations used for data warehousing. All data is stored 100% on Canadian soil away from curious hands of other governments.

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Why Symmcom

  • Linux Templates/Windows ISOs +

    We provide both Linux and Windows VPS allowing to utilize best of both worlds. Linux VPSs comes with pre-built template which allows extremely fast deployment.Windows VPSs comes with an array of ISO image options to install any different editions of Windows operating system to suit your needs our customer desires. No Windows VPS comes with any licenses.
  • Supercharged Administration +

    Each VPS account comes with administration control panel to manage all aspects of virtual server. Full graphical user interface is designed to be 100% user friendly and to provide full statistics.
  • Fast 24/7/365 Support +

    With 4 hour maximum response time, our expert technical team standing by 24/7/365 to address any issue you may have.
  • Go Green! +

    Our datacenters are powered by renewable energy to reduce our carbon foot print on planet Earth. For most part of the year, our datacenters are cooled naturally by arctic cool air, while in summer they are cooled with recycled water. With us you will rest assured that you are doing your part to protect our planet.
  • Maximum Security +

    We take Security of our datacenters very seriously! All physical servers and networking equipment are behind industry standard firewall. Each and every virtual private server comes with total lock down. Users are required to manually open only needed port.
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What Our Users Say

  • Symmcom provides for us a superior level of service with both the products they offer and the support they provide. They are knowledgeable and courteous and have been instrumental in assisting us with upgrading/implementing critical services within our company. They respond to support tickets very quickly anytime of the day or night and always go above and beyond to ensure a solution is found. Their pricing for domain hosting and technical support is also very reasonable. I look forward to working with Symmcom for many more years to come.
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