Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server from


1 CPU, 2 Cores
2 Gb RAM
256 Gb Storage
8 Tb Transfer
3 Static IPs
5 Backups, 10 Snapshots

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Why Dedicated Server

  • You Are Serious About What You Do +

    A Dedicated Server is not just a product, but it is a commitment that you are serious about your business and ready to take the big leap.
  • Pay Only For What You Need +

    Our Dedicated Servers are fully configurable so you pay only what you need and anything you don't. You alone decide what goes in your server.
  • <1 Hour Deployment +

    Your server is ready for action within one hour of order placement and successful payment. That's our promise to you.
  • Scale Up. Scale Out +

    You can scale up or scale out any time you need. This allows you minimal downtime and cost saving as your business grows.
  • Fully Managed 24/7 +

    Our onsite datacenter staffs are standing by 24/7/365 to lend any help you may need. We watch over your servers to ensure up time and pro actively inform you of any issue.
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